Brands I dont repair and Why

The music repair industry in Australia is notorious for dealing with “hard to deal with Importers” I would post the excuses I get but the list is massive.

My many loyal customers usually come to me to fix repairs where many others have failed. This is very hard if I can not get schematics.

So my conditions are as follows

If the schematics are not available to me either by the importer, or the manufacture or on the net, I will not attempt the repair unless you are willing to pay for a successful repair or non successful repairs.

I spend to much time wasted researching schematics or working out circuits.

IF you are a importer and you read this, and you are one who elects to be difficult

you will be entered on the list below.

As Brands are constantly shifting from importer to importer in Australia

I have reset my list to zero

But keep a tab on this page for my Black list

Along with this black list I will rate a product for its build and cast a public opinion

Brands I Prefer not to repair

Behringer as from the 28th of September 2018

Behringer is a brand that is cheap, and great value for money. Over the years I have chosen to except/reject behringer products pending the support I receive from the importer. The issue I have is service manuals. As from the 28th of September 2018 for some reason the Australian importer for behringer now refuse to give me service manuals. Without a service manual I have to spend to much time working out whats wrong with the product. Funny enough this seems to be due to a new service manager who has replaced my usual contact. I guess Im getting to old and grumpy to deal with this kind of crap. So I’m sorry I prefer not to take on Behringer products.

Peavey Chinese made products

Peavey were a great american brand. There products were honest and lasted for years. I have had some resent experiences with Peavey and the latest products made in China. They are so costly to repair I feel ashamed to provide a service for this product. The spare parts are made in china then sold back to USA and then back to Australia. The prices are crazy for spare parts. I won’t say no to these products, but be prepared for the shock with the repair bill. Sound Evolutions 2018 Ph 0438788346 Redlands Queensland Australia