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Operating hours

I do not have set hours as Im booked all over the place. Most of the time someone is here to except repairs,

please contact us. Im OK with repairs been dropped off byappointment after hours and onweekends but you need to contact sound evolutions prior to make sure Im not“out in the boat"

To contact Sound Evolutions



Ph 0438788346 (if no answer please leave a message)

Due to a recent scam blocked numbers must leave contact details to allow us to return your call. Bookings not excepted unless we can confirm contact details

We operate in the Redlands Queensland Australia not far from

Victoria Point


on a daily basis I get countless emails about my website.

The websiteworks well for me and does its intended purpose. I am happy with its performance. Sure I could spend the money and have a professional create a new website that would make mybusiness look bigger than it is.

Inreality whats the point. I have more thanenough customers to keep mehappy.

Atthis stage Iwon’t pay for a webpage to be built. I would rather sit down and learn HTML, or find a website buildsoftwarepackage. Also If you are not inAustralia and local with a office I would never use you period. Please get the message.
 Sound Evolutions 2018 Ph 0438788346 Redlands Queensland Australia