Current build Tube amps using Circuit boards

Most Popular tube amp manufactures use PCB’s instead of Point to Point wiring

The advantages of PCB is very cheap to produce, but for the consumer very expensive to repair

The Advantages of Point to Point wired amps expensive to build, but cheaper to repair

When you buy a point to point wired amp, its a amp that you would want to keep for life (or a long time).

Fender Blues Junior amps are a classic example of PCB construction.

IMG 3815

Fender Blues junior PCB supporting tubes

They are a great sounding AMP, but when they fail they are a pain to fix. The Tubes sockets are mounted on a PCB. Its common for the weight and vibration of the tube to destroy the PCB. The range of problems would include, Tube’s Red plating and self-destructing, poor sound quality, crackling, loss of power, strange feedback.

With these type of amps, you can replace the PCB for it to fail again. or point to point wire the tube sockets to new chassis mounted sockets.

For buyers looking for a great amp, Buy a busted Blues junior, and then replace all the guts of the amp with a Point to point wiring kit. Yes it will be expensive but the returns, and reliability will make it worth while.

When we spend a lot of money on a product, generally we forget about the big price tag if the product lasts for a long time. If you have a favourite sounding amp, and need the reliability, and cheaper maintenance prices consider getting it point to point wired Sound Evolutions 2018 Ph 0438788346 Redlands Queensland Australia