Brisbane Music Equipment Repairs operating from Redland Bay Qld

Bren does all the repairs. He started his trade in the early 80's as an industrial electrician with electronics. At the same time learning Audio equipment repairs from some of the Best repairers in Melbourne. For the past 27 years Bren has been operating behind the scenes in Brisbane. And now can offer warranty repairs for many brands. Sound Evolutions now offer a personalised service to repair/service music equipment seldom found in todays market place.

Authorised repairer for a lot of brands

Electronic and Electrical repairs Audio Equipment

Valve Amplifiers All Brands (Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fender etc.)

Solid State Amplifiers

Mixing Consoles (Digital and analog)

PC systems Laptops Audio workstations

Effects (yes I still do effect pedals please check pricing)

Stage Ligting

Keyboards (this service discontinued as of Feb 2021)

Guitar/Bass Wiring

PA Repairs

Cable repairs

Industrial Electrical/Electronic repairs limited local service

I will take on modification work, it will attract premium rates along with a deposit prior to work. Iwill not Quote formodification work. It is a hourlyrate including research anddevelopment.

I have had to do this as this was getting to be afavourite request. A lot of the work is very time consuming



New service for 2015 - 2016

I can now provide a selection of popular replacement speakers for your guitar /bass amp.

Please call for info or email me

Tubes amps have become a popular service for Sound Evolutions for repairs, modifications, and builds. Sound Evolutions caters for vintage amps as well as modern amps.

Need a amp build! Sound Evolutions can put your kit together. There are many great sellers of tube amp kits on the webCeriatone, Mojo, and even kits on EBAY.

So don’t miss out on these great amps because you dont have the know how to build them.

What’s so great about a kit. Quality Quality Quality, Sound Sound Sound what can i say

Repairs safety notice

I may not except repairs that previous attempts have been made by unqualified personal. This applies to products

that are connected to a mains outlet

This is for many reasons,

1/Electrical safety for others

2/ My safety

3/Most of the time it will cost more money as I have to investigate the repair attempt

4/ Its illegal work if youdon’t hold a tradecertificate/qualification

5/ I have to certify the unit is electrically safe by law“Can You”

What work I may reject?

Anything that has beentampered withinvolving mains supply or anything mains supply rated product that has been pulled apart.

I understand times are tough and people are tying to save money, but respect to the dangers of unsafe electrical work I can not take the risk.

Please call me for advise if you are unsure inwith way to go. Sound Evolutions 2018 Ph 0438788346 Redlands Queensland Australia