Pricing & Warranty as From the 1st July 2018

Please view terms and conditions

Electronic Repairs

discount rate $90/hr (non accounts)(See terms and conditions)

Discount rate is well behind the standard in Brisbane (Average rate is $120/hr)

Is my quality any less? No with a life time of experience over 35 years. So discount rates are a musicians friend

Quick repairs min charge $60 payable at time of drop off“AKA" the 5 minute job which is never 5 minutes, good for leads, simple repairs, simple effect pedalrepairsitems thatdon’t require electrical certification etc.

Accounts $120/hr(See terms and conditions)

Please note all delayed payments as from the 1st September 2017 will be charged at account rates Discount rates do not apply to accounts

Discount rates rates now only apply to cash or EFT prior or on pickup of goods. All accounts will be charged at the new rate of $120/hr

Upon drop off ofEquipment for repair, there will still no upfront charges

I have elected not to charge 1 hour rates as per industry standard, but here is a catch.

The item if not collected will be sold torecoup costs.

Time spent is the time charged, fixed or not.


Warranty is limited. If the repair is done using a OEM replacement complete PCB’s and or transformers etc, then there may be a claim to warrantysubject to the OEM.

Electronics at best is a calculated effort to ensure areliable result. I offer limited warranty on my repairs, and all work is charged at a hourly rate.

I do offer aguarantee on the quality of my work.

To service my customers If a item comes back, I always try and help, if its something I have missed often there is no charge. If its anintermittentfault then a hourly rate mayapply.

Electrical Repairs

$120/hr no accounts workshop repairs only


$120/hr plus call out

Onsite repairs Electrical/Electronics/Audio

limited bookings for 2018 price $120/Hr

(min call out 4 hours) Local to Redland bay min 2 hours

Plus Travel expenses if out of the Redlands Area

Weekend work, I m very hard to get on weekends, its on a case by case situation no discount rates min 8 hours

Discounted pricing requires immediate payment

Recording Services for 2018 $80/hr (no weekends)(See terms and conditions)

may offer deals for recording pending project type

PA Hire/Sound Production

Taken bookings for 2018

Prices start from $550 for basic systemdeliveredand setup and operated

(Ask for a quote) Sound Evolutions 2018 Ph 0438788346 Redlands Queensland Australia