Terms & Conditions

Sound Evolutions is a small familybusiness,therefore I ask you to respect these terms & conditions. It may mean this business is notsuitable with your business in regards to payment. I ask you then not to use my services. Werely on a quick turnaround in payment.

Repairs prices and invoices:

I prefer not to run accounts (my rates are higher for accounts)

I offer a discount price of $90/hr (non accounts) to customers who provide immediate payment once they have been notified the gear is ready and picked up with in a few days.

Account Payment terms

No discount applies to accounts. Standard rates are $120/hr

Account terms MAX 4 weeks

Off site work for accountsminimum 4 hours @ $120/hr plus travel time and travelexpenses

Preferred Payment is EFT, if paying byCheque the terms are shorter to allow for postage and getting to the bank.

Industrial Electrical/Electronic repairs$120/hr

Onsite service min 4 hours (25 kmradius from Redland Bay)

Ongoing works charged on a dailybasis regardless off repair or non repair

Continued or pending works will bedelayed if payments are not maintained

strictly noaccounts

it a condition that all goods remain the property of Sound Evolutions until the goods and or services are paid for in full.

1 All goods remain the properly of Sound Evolutions until paid for.

2 If the purchase of parts is over $200 the parts will have to be paid up front

3 No Middle men. If you own the goods you are the one I expect to deal with.

4 Recorded works in the studio belong to Sound Evolutions until all Payments are made in full. (If you are creating an album, and you have taken home evaluation material or I have released the masters to go to a masteringsuitethese remain the property of sound evolutions until all dues are paid for.

All material or Part orrecordered materials if not paid for can/will be used for samples and or other projects.

Anyroyalties made from unpaid material recorded at Sound Evolutions will be subject to a 100% claim.

(This is acondition of recording at Sound Evolutions.Outstanding payments will deem all recorded works subject to alegal claim)

5 Copyright remains the responsibility of the customer. If the works are not original you must make sure all copyright issues are addressed.

6 Goods in care: I take noresponsibility for theft, fire or mishap. Of course all reasonable attempts will be made to look after goods in care.

7 Goods not claimed

All goods disposed of after 6 weeks. This is a condition of Sound Evolutions excepting a repair. If this is in dispute, a storage fee and accounting fee will apply.

(storage and accounting fee $90 per month)

Data or program files:- It is theresponsibility of the customer to back-up data,program files and patches. Often a unit is reset to factory spec, and all data is wiped.

thesoundrepairshop@gmail.com Sound Evolutions 2018 Ph 0438788346 Redlands Queensland Australia