Terms & Conditions

Repairs prices and invoices:

I prefer not to run accounts (my rates are higher for accounts)

I offer a discount price of $80/hr (non accounts) to customers who provide immediate payment once they have been notified the gear is ready and picked up with in a few days.

it a condition that all goods remain the property of Sound Evolutions until the goods and or services are paid for in full.

1 All goods remain the properly of Sound Evolutions until paid for.

2 If the purchase of parts is over $200 the parts will have to be paid up front

3 No Middle men. If you own the goods you are the one I expect to deal with.

4 Recorded works in the studio belong to Sound Evolutions until all Payments are made in full. (If you are doing an album, and you have taken home evaluation material or I have released the masters to go to a masteringsuitethese remain the property of sound evolutions until all dues are paid for. (This is acondition of recording at Sound Evolutions.Outstanding payments will deem all recorded works subject to alegal claim

5 Copyright remains the responsibility of the customer. If the works are not original you must make sure all copyright issues are addressed.

6 Goods in care: I take noresponsibility for theft, fire or mishap. Of course all reasonable attempts will be made to look after goods in care.

7 Goods not claimed

All goods disposed of after 6 weeks. This is a condition of Sound Evolutions excepting a repair. If this is in dispute, a storage fee and accounting fee will apply.

(storage and accounting fee $90 per month)

soundevolutions@yahoo.com.au Sound Evolutions 2018 Ph 0438788346 Redlands Queensland Australia