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Slow down in the music industry

Covid has killed the music industry and hence a lot of my work has been reduced. Lucky my background in industrial electrical/electronics and process control keeps me busy.

With parts in short supply repair time timesand my change in business activities may result in delayed repair times.

Please note Ican’t do walk-in repairs anymore

Pleasedon’t turn up at the front door with a fix me now expectation.

As for repairs I’ll do my best to get throughrepair jobs as fast as i can. There can be somechallenges for partswith a lot of manufactures telling me 6-8 weeks for some parts.

Please Note

All services require booking, as often I am on remote location.

For repair drop off time, most days can be arranged either during business hours or weekends. (please call prior to drop off)

Sound Production usually require a few weeks notice

************** Still offer great prices for repairs in Brisbane ***************

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